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What makes us stand out is the comprehensive character of our services. We offer services related to powder coating of steel, galvanised and aluminium elements as well as abrasive blasting with steel shots (shot blasting).
Moreover, at the request of the Customer we take measurements of the shot-peened surface’s roughness as well as the temperature profile in the oven and on the elements (6 sensors), providing a full graphic representation.

Electrostatic coating with powder paints is a modern method of painting well suited to the current requirements worldwide. That technology, being one of the best, makes it possible to provide a coating fulfilling both decorative and protective functions (protection of metal against corrosion). Those merits result in squeezing the traditional use of solvent-requiring paints which do not guarantee the quality and durability of the applied coating out of the market. The range of powder paint colours used by our company is based on the RAL system and expanded by adding numerous colours not included in that system.

Special anti-corrosion tests made by the DuPont company in a salt spray chamber have proved the superior quality of paint coatings applied by our company on steel elements for which a comprehensive service has been provided: shot blasting, painting with a zinc primer and topcoat paint.

Maximum dimensions of constructions to be powder coated
Length Width Height
Line I 7500mm 1500mm 2300mm
Line II 6200mm 3000mm 3000mm


We guarantee that the services will be provided on time and at affordable prices. We negotiate prices for regular customers and fulfil individual orders. We also quickly meet large orders and allow substantial discounts on them.

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